What Can The Nigeria National Football Team And Other African Teams Offer At The 2018 FIFA World Cup.2 min read


Nigeria National team the Super eagles did not only surprised many football pundits across the world in booking their place to Russia come June this year, they were also surprisingly, the first country in Africa to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Nigeria, one of the power houses of football in Africa has over the years lost its fearsome status as the best football nation in Africa. Many had given the super eagles little or no chance of qualifying to this year Mundial but team work and dedication saw them through. Many teams from Africa started the race but only five teams could pull through. Many had thought strong teams like the Cameroon national football team, Ghana national football team and even the mighty Ivory Coast national football team will qualify but they all fell by the side. I was shocked that the very good Algeria national football team did not qualified for the FIFA World Cup after their strong dominance in the continent.  I noticed most of the African teams that made it to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and Brazil respectively were conspicuously missing out for 2018 FIFA World Cup, sad though. My point here is,  with the absence of these known Strong African teams not been part of the 2018 world cup, what realistic hope lies for Africa in terms of putting up a great show and even going further to winning the cup? Is that too a big dream? No, I don’t think so.  The beautiful game of football has really changed. Imagine a lowly team like the Iran national football team qualifying for the FIFA World Cup. This could only mean one thing that soccer has evolved hence there is no more minors for the round lather game.

Personally, if I was asked to pick three teams that will surprise people at this year FIFA World Cup, I will categorically tell you that the Mexico national football team will put up a great show having had the opportunity of watching the myriads of talented youngsters in the Mexican team. The Germany national football team is another force to reckon with when it comes to having the history of putting up a good show at the world cup and thirdly the usual suspect, the Brazil national football team will probably win the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Even though the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification was not a smooth ride for them, I still see them dominating the world cup this year. LOL, my friend seems to disagree with my verdicts and thinks Brazil will only win the tournament in FIFA World Cup video games.  It just a matter of time, we shall know who will win the biggest sporting tournament in the world. However, I Just want to steal this opportunity to say good luck to all my African teams participating in the world cup. You can see the FULL 2018 FIFA World Cup schedule here.

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