West African tribes1 min read


The Kaito community, is composed of scarcely 1,000 members. This community is the one under the highest risk of extinction. A simple epidemic or even a conflict with more numerous and aggressive tribes could mean their disappearance.

Vodka, the chief of the village, has been expecting their visit for several days. He tells them about the misfortune suffered by his people and also that the fishes in the lake were dying because the lake spirits are angry.

There is nothing but bad omens. Waka is not at all afraid of men, but indeed he is afraid of the spirits. Si Yoon has had difficulties in persuading the kado to accept a window sans visit. He initially had the same feeling of rejection.

Soon after his arrival, a sorcerer told him that only the man who sits under the tree knows what the black ant of the tree eats the next day. He found a poisonous snake near his bed. However, little by little when Dosan has got the majority of people to trust him and consequently they allow him to vaccinate the children and take care of the ill who callin him when they do not feel well.

The case of the dead fish required an argument that was won by those who accept at windows and visit.

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