West African Food – Ghanaian Fufu and Extreme Hospitality.1 min read


This extreme hospitality in rural Ghana will captivate you. Mark wiens a famous traveler explores one of Africa’s richest culture while having a shot at west African food, the Ghanaian fufu and Banku Soup. He had the chance to watch as the hardworking village women prepared the meal of Okra soup with Palm nut.

The West Africa recipe in focus here is the palm nut soup couple with other variety of Ghanaian food. The palm soup is made from palm nut crushed to extract the red palm oil. This traditional Ghanaian soup is prepared together with Okra. Okra is a slimy vegetable eaten majorly by West Africans. In course of preparing the Palm nut soup, Okra is mixed together with fish, pepper, crayfish and other West African spices to garnish. Most Ghanaian fufu is made from maize and cassava or cassava pounded together with plantain.

Ghanaian tradition requires any visitor who enters the village to sit down with the elders of the community and make an official presentation of him or herself. One major cash crop frown in Ghana is the Cocoa. Ghana is the second largest producer of Cocoa in the world. In this video clip, the process of drying and processing cocoa seed was captured for your viewing delight. Note that Cocoa is the major raw material for processing the chocolate. Do you know why most people love the Ghanaian chocolate? Well, this video says it all. Ghana indeed is a home to variety of traditional African food.

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