West African Drumming: The Ghanaian Drum Patterns.2 min read


In this post, we’re going to learn some very basic Ghanaian drumming patterns which if you’re beginner you can practice sitting in your room. First you don’t really need a physical drum tool to play for practice, beginning by hitting your lap or chest is a great way to start learning to play the drum. You can even use your head if any sound comes into your head and you don’t have the drum within your reach.

The first beat that we’re going learn involves using your full hand in the middle of the drum surface and then you bounce your hand off. See the practicing session in the video.

When you’re hitting the drum, ensure your hand bounces off the drum, this is similar to hitting the ball against the wall and it bounces back to you. This same principle is applied by just drop your hand the drum and it bounces back up. The second beat is playing slightly outside of the surface of the drum. This entails putting your four fingers and letting the  border of the hand to land on the edge of the drum while the middle fingers points to the middle of the drum.

Applying the same principle stated above, you bounce your hand off the drum to get another unique sound. The next beat comes from a combination of both hands using the right and left hands. Staring with the right hand and then followed by the left hand. Watch the video to see the practice session.

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To get a combination of the sound, the whole beating session is done and this produce a unique and nice rhythmic flow of drum beat. However, note that most West African Drumming style involves the combination of different rhythmic pattern to produce a drum beat. These drumbeats are sequence to tell a story or pass a message to the listener.