West African Dance- Sinte1 min read

West African Dance- Sinte


Sinte is a unique West African dance characterized by rhythmic motion with movement of the hands and legs. This dance is said to come from the Bofa and Boke area of northwestern part of Guinea where the Baga, Nalu and Landuma people habit together since the olden days. The Sinte is usually played during the preparation of initiation of young boys and girls into adulthood.

The dance has a peculiar significant. It is performed to remind the upcoming young people of the trials that lies ahead of them as the move into adulthood. The rhythm of the SInte dance has become very popular because of its melody and the diversity of the movements. Sinte was played by women on large carved wooden drums called krins until the 1980’s. It has since been adapted to the jembe and dun drum orchestra. Once done for girls rites of passage it is now also done all year round for many occasions including full moon celebrations.

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