West African Cuisine To Try on Your Next Visits.3 min read


As we are all aware, the body needs some varieties of food to keep fit and healthy. Food is indeed an essential part of human live. In fact, all the hustle and efforts made by humans all over the world, are all in a bid to satisfy the stomach. Therefore the people of West Africa are not left out in the race as they are talented cooks blessed with varieties of dishes which goes a long way in defining them as health minded people. This explains why visitors from all hooks and crannies of the world, keeps on revisiting West Africa just to catch the best vacation.

Going by this, let’s proceed to unveil the varieties of food in the list of West Africa delicious dishes. The first in the list is jollof rice which is associated with almost every country in West Africa, with their different ways of preparing it, though it still maintains the essential ingredients. This dish is a tomato rice dish which is prepared using pepper, crayfish, fish or meat, salt, Maggi and oil.

The second in the list is Kenkey. Kenkey is a special dish found in most West Africa regions. It is usually served with shitto, pepper sauce and fried fishes. Indeed Kenkey would always leave a visitor begging for more.

The next dish is palaver sauce, it is also known in West Africa as plasas. Is a type of stew popularly eaten in countries like Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Its mode of preparation varies from country to country, though the essential ingredients like beef, fish, shrimps, Pepita, cassava, cocoyam, leaves and palm oil still remains the same.

Ewa Goyin is another popular delicious meal found in West Africa, it is a mashed beans with good pepper sauce. The sauce is usually made from blended dried chillies, onions, enough palm oil and seasoning. For a visitor to go for this delicious meal, he must be always ready to eat more than he had budgeted for.

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Another popular West Africa dish is Fufu. Fufu is made from cassava and green plantain flour. It is produced by usually sieving out the cassava flour from the chaff, after which the flour is allowed to dry for easy consumption. Fufu can go down with most West Africa soups though it is best eaten with Egusi soup as it is the case with the people of Nigeria.

Following Fufu is another popular dish called Waakye. The typical Waaky dish combines beans, rice, moist garri stew and spaghetti. It is usually served with fish, meat or boiled eggs. Its aroma alone is indeed worth dying for.

Super kanje is another delicious meal in West Africa. It is a stew full of leafy greens combined with onions, chilli peppers and fish or meat. It varies from country to country with different delicious tastes.

Another one in the list is chicken Yassa which is made up of onions, garlic, peppers and cabbage with chicken. The dish is well prepared to give you the feeling you wished for.
The last but not the least in the list is Ndole. Ndole is a dish made of bitter leaves, stewed nuts, crushed spices and fish of beef. It is usually eaten with plantains, rice or potatoes in some part of West Africa and is best when hot.

These already mentioned mouthwatering dishes are the ones that always have visitors and tourists coming back for more fun filled experiences in West Africa