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My good buddy Alvaro, who is at 196 countries and myself at 182, have been on a crazy road trip to complete West Africa. We’re sweating balls.

It feels like we’re sitting in a sauna right now. This has got to be the hottest place we’ve been the last 250 hours of our lives have been absolute insanity, so I thought I’d share a little recap: video, explaining what we’ve gone through the last Frontier, we hired a driver named Marlon, who you might remember from my Burkina Faso video a few months ago, Marlon and I are heading to the market.

What’s? It called good on my cheek good. I’m, not sure he came to pick us up in Monrovia Liberia. Exactly ten days ago, we proceeded to visit five more countries together: Sierra Leone, Guinea, guinea-bissau, Senegal and The Gambia.

Let’s, flash it back to our thoughts in Liberia. Just before we hit the open dirt roads, hello, everyone from our hotel room in Monrovia, Liberia, I would just like to let you know that the next hundred hours of our life are going to be the book craziest, most bizarre, most insane hundred hours, where we going On so we’re in Monrovia.

Tomorrow we’re, headed to Freetown, Sierra Leone. It’s. Gon na take us the whole day around 10 hours driving, it turned out to be 19 hours, mostly because we got scammed 150 bucks at the border for a fake cholera shot, which we didn’t need.

Luckily, for us I made a video about it, and the Sierra Leone government acted quickly to arrest the thieves and refund us our money. From there we headed to connect Guinea that’s to be a short drive.

We there’s. Only nine hours, oh yeah, when Sunday, roads and all the crazy start there in Guinea that drive took about 11 hours for a total distance of just a hundred and fifty miles. We experienced the worst road conditions on this leg and canari was my least favorite city.

That we visited for many reasons like the dangerous streets riots and intimidating policemen on every corner. Patrolling the streets, not my kind of place. Guinea to give me be so will take us easily 18 hours or maybe two days if everything goes well yeah.

If everything else, so it’s, rainy season, though so most of them are dirt roads, and so, if it starts raining to get this bird might have to sleep in the car. By this point, we were so sick and tired of the corruption that we opted to fly from Qunari to Bissau.

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It was a game-time decision and saved us two days of driving, which meant two days of bribes. Two days of corruption and two days of these vicious roads, we made a decision to imply instead of driver.

I feel so relieved right now. I wouldn’t have to take the road you should say for every everyone. Please improvise. Sometimes it’s good to improvise. If things are not going well change it, I found Bissau to be surprisingly chill mellow and I enjoyed it.

A lot after Bissau we drove up to Senegal and crossed a border to a town called cap, scaring it was wonderful at the beach in Senegal Wow from there on out. We had tar roads and no more bribes. The following day, we headed up to Gambia, which I thought to be a very strange country.

On one hand, there’s friendly people, beautiful nature and great wildlife, but on the other hand it’s, saturated in old white Europeans seeking out young black prostitutes. I don’t plan on going back to the Gambia any time soon and finally, we drove another full day to duck our stopping at the famous pink lake along the way I’m, really excited to explore the city which many travelers Have told me it’s, their favorite in Africa, as we expected, this journey was not easy fish fumes.

Absolutely I can’t even describe you know in fact Alvaro, and I agree that it’s. The hardest trip we’ve ever taken, especially the first hundred hours. We dealt with constant bribes, police checkpoints and corruption and having our own vehicle made things worse because they always held us to show our car papers and most times they would just make something up to get money.

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But we all bonded over the hard times and we enjoyed the fun times. We’re buying cashews here and there’s like five vendors at our window. It’s. All part of the journey to visit every single country. In the world – and we have absolutely no regrets – the trip was great – the countries were great, only the travelers I do with me.

They were these guys. They are really the best. They are a good team and they are great to have with me on a trip. You know we had a couple bumps in the road, but we we got everywhere on time like we never had to delay any days, and you know a few unfortunate situations at border crossings, but we so thank you very much.

Milan welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Of course, man, and now to the Spaniard, how do you feel ready to go home ready to finish great last seven out of my last eight countries, it was a great trip. Everything went according to plan like to recite a few obstacles on the road, but we knew they were in a heaven, so we managed to tackle them greatly thanks tomorrow, because he spent great navigating through that wraps the trip.

Thank You Marlon to knock your well danke. Schoen mystical, I should get in the cab and negative it just what the emphasis one more time dad. It was really great traveling with you, because all the things you’ve, been through the problems we had to cope with it’s, not every traveller who is able to cope so that’s, why it was so fantastic To drive around and you to guys thank you so much monkey mother, you’ve, been wonderful, can’t.

Imagine doing it with anyone else, but the man himself. You know the patient is required for West Africa and you don’t. I don’t, clearly know he doesn’t. Even I’m, Drew Pinsky and if you like my travel videos, please click Subscribe and join me.

As I plan to visit every country in the world.