Weezer Cover Africa By Toto1 min read


Weezer have finally dropped Toto’s famous 1980 Anthem’s cover “Africa”. You can click above to listen to the song. This song will be stream across all online platform and can also be purchased via iTunes.

As reported by Mashable, is goes beyond just a tidy cover of a popular ’80s tune. No, this particular song brings to a close a nearly six-month-long campaign by an Ohio teen to get the band to cover “Africa.” The online drive picked up a cult following, and now it’s all culminated in Tuesday’s release.

The band had a little fun along the way, too. Just last week, the band dropped a cover of another Toto hit, “Rosanna,” in what seemed was an epic troll of the ongoing “Africa” campaign. In hindsight, it now feels much more like a tease, and we now have two Toto covers by Weezer to enjoy.

It also helps generate some nice online buzz for Weezer, who will hit the road in two weeks for an extensive summer tour.

So, since warm weather has (finally) arrived, there is no reason not to be blasting this from your favorite stereo or device that plays music so crank it up and bless the rains

News Source: Mashable.com


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