Two Vehicle Manufacturing Companies in West Africa Among Top 10 Car Manufacturers in Africa.3 min read


It is estimated that about 300,000 cars are shipped to West Africa annually. The major brand of vehicles brought into the region include Japanese cars like Toyota, German made Mercedes cars and the American cars like the Chevrolet, Kia etc. The passion of owning beautiful cars by Africans and West Africans in particular has prompted most countries in region in the past to invite top European and Asian car manufacturing companies to come and set up car plants in various countries across West Africa.
Nigeria for example had for long provided both conducive environment and man power to the French owned car company Peugeot to set up Peugeot car plant across Nigeria.  The establishment of the presence of Peugeot in Nigeria the 80s, and 90s monopolized the auto industry giving Nigerians little options of owning other brands of cars.
Today, that has all changed, rather than inviting car manufacturing companies from Europe and Asia to come and set up their plants in Africa, African car manufacturing companies has taken up the challenge of making cars for Africans. Which are the top ten car manufacturing companies in Africa do we have as of today?

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited.(IVM) is a vehicle manufacturing company based in Nigeria. The CEO and founder of IVM is Mr. Innocent Chukwuma. IVM has its manufacturing plant located in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Innoson vehicles have helped to encourage Nigerians to patronize made in Nigeria cars. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited is one of the top car manufacturing companies in West Africa.
Wallyscar is a car manufacturing company based in Tunisia. The company is owned by Zied Guiga. Wallyscar produced about 600 units of cars annually and the vehicles are sold to countries like Morocco, Spain and Qatar.
Optimal Energy Joule: The Optimal Energy Joule is a South African car manufacturing situated in Cape Town. The company has not yet gone into commercial production of the vehicle. Due to technical difficulties, the company was forced to close down in 2012.
Kiira Motors: This is a Ugandan based car manufacturer. The Kiira Motor Corporation is probably the first car manufacturing firm in the East African region. Hopefully, Kiira Motors is planning of full commercial production in 2018.
Advanced Automotive Design is an automobile manufacturer based in South Africa. The company was founded by Brian Glover with co investor Rhys Edward in 1995.  The automobile plant site is located in Pretoria. Some of the popular car brands from this company include the Die Wilgers and Shaka Nynya.
The Bailey Edwards cars are another set of cars produced in South Africa. Most cars from these companies are sport cars. The company over the years has been producing and selling sport racing cars and has even competed favorably with other brands in the market.

Saroukh El Jamahiriya is an automobile manufacturing company in Libya. Mr. Dukhali Al Meghareff is the founder and CEO of the company that produces the car. Saroukh El Jamahiriya has revolutionized the car industry in Libya.

Birkin Cars is another South African Car producer. The company is known for producing the S3 Roadster vehicles which seems like a replica of the Lotus Super 7.  Mr Watson John is the CEO and founder of Birkin Cars established in 1982.
Laraki is a car manufacturing company based in Casablanca Morocco. The company was established in 1999 and since then it has been producing and selling luxurious sport cars. Some of the well-known brands that are produced by Laraki are Epitome, Fulgura and Borac.
Another top car manufacturer in West Africa is the Kantanka Automobile Company LTD.  The founder and CEO of Kantanka Automobile is Kwadowo Safo Kantanka. The company was incorporated in 2004 with its main plant site in Ghana. The car range for Kantanka Automobile is the four wheels drive SUV Jeeps and the Saloon cars. Main brands are the Nkunimdie, Kantanka Opasuo and Kantanka Onantefuo. 

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