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A number of times, people get confused over choosing the best places for their vacation, especially those whose interest lies within exploring West Africa countries, but there is no more cause for alarm since this write up will expose you to your dream places in West Africa and the features behind its uniqueness.

West Africa is popularly known to encompass various countries with beautiful sceneries, cultures, varieties of delicious foods, and some iconic landmarks, all of which would be discussed below. Given to this, many lovers of tourism has taken it upon themselves to tour round West Africa countries just to have a great sight at one, and at so doing, it always stands out as an experience never to forget in a hurry. West Africa is truly unique to seek an adventure in and of course it remains a visa-free destination for fellow West Africa countries.

Following this, let’s proceed to have a look at the beautiful countries one can choose for an exciting vacation. They are listed in order of priority according to their uniqueness. If you are one planning to visit West Africa soonest but is finding difficult in making the best choice that will leave you with an unforgeable memory ever then this is your final bus stop.

Going by th order of priority, Ghana stands out. This country is first in the list as a result of its environmental uniqueness. Ghana was formally known as Gold Coast because of their richness in gold. You can proceed to have your fun filled vacation in Ghana and it will go ahead in offering you a place of relaxation especially with their culture which always goes a long way in splicing up the atmosphere for visitors. Furthermore, you can also proceed to visit their capital Accra where there are lots of fun filled places featuring the Labadie beach, luxury hotels and fascinating museums. Their market places are also another fun filled places where you could actually feed your sight with colorful African wares, jewelries and souvenirs. Most importantly, the people are so friendly and accommodating to always make your stay a memory never to forget in a hurry.

The next country to also have a fulfilled vacation in is Cape Verde. Cape Verde is popularly known to be a country blessed with one of the most fascinating views in West Africa. It has an arrow shaped archipelago out in the north Atlantic, ten islands and several islets, divided into two groups which includes Barlavento (windward) islands and solavento (leoward) islands. Aside that, Cape Verde offers a lot of beautiful scenery counting from beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and expensive cuisines. The fun part of it is when you are a lover of jet-sking, then here is your dream come true, as it offers you the best opportunities to experience various water activities. Following this, is also another feature which makes up Cape Verde country, it is called the mount Fogo which is made up of bad terrains where visitors visit for hiking. If these are not enough, you can also proceed to visit their market places for more adventure in shopping for the finest pottery, artefacts and corals. With the above, one would decide that visiting Cape Verde is indeed a dream to fulfill.

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Following Cape Verde is another interesting country of Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation in West Africa surrounded by six different countries namely Mali to the North, Niger to the East, Benin to the South-East, Togo and Ghana to the South and Côte d Ivoire to the South-West. It is indeed an ideal place for those of you who enjoy exploring new ideas and experiences. In addition to this is also the presence of various animal species like Elephants, monkeys, warthogs and buffaloes. For more exciting adventures don’t miss to visit Karjiguela which is made up beautiful water falls very pleasing to the sight. You can proceed to view and walk through avenues of mango trees in order to catch some lovely fresh air and also have a look at their lovely rocks. Indeed a visit to Cape Verde especially during October and December periods will always leave you with a feeling of Paradise on earth.

The fourth amazing country in the list is Gambia. Though Gambia is a small country on its own but it still has its unique beauty. It has beautiful golden beaches surrounded by beautiful palm trees always swaying by its sides. It also features enough wild life with a glamorous culture to always behold, thus, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with nature. To further spice up your stay, you can also decide to visit and have a look at the kachikally Crocodile pool for some sightseeing. Visitors who are also interested to learn about the wildlife of Gambia can also proceed to visit the eagle heights conservation centre. In fact, with the people’s interesting culture and friendliness, Gambia is really a remarkable place to go for a nice vacation.

Following the next order of priority is Ivory Coast. This is a country surrounded by lots of beautiful beaches where visitors can freely catch some relaxation. They have amazing varieties of food which includes tasty and delicious Kedjenov and poulet braise. Visitors always indulge in lots of interesting activities like swimming, fishing and shopping. They can also proceed to have a tour around Comee National Park which is known as the oldest park in Africa where one can go to view various species of wildlife like lions, waterbucks, hippos and other species of animals. Indeed Ivory Coast will go a long way to make your vacation fun.

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The last but not the least in the list of interesting countries to consider for your vacation is Nigeria. Nigeria which is popularly known as the giant of Africa also has most of the amazing sceneries in West Africa. It features wide beaches, subtropical climate, amazing market places and exotic hotels. Visitors can choose to visit exciting tourist centers which includes Olumirin waterfall in Erin-ijesha, Ife museum in Enuwa Square,Olumo Rock, Ogbunike cave, Agbokin waterfall to name but a few. Nigeria is also blessed with amazing wildlife, nightlife and beautiful cultures which goes a long way in spicing up your stay. Lagos is one of the most beautiful state a visitor can choose to stay throughout his vacation as it remains the commercial hub of the country throughout history. It features companies, industries,beaches, restaurants, clubs and lots more.

Finally, from the above examinations, there is no doubts holding the fact that West Africa is indeed a beauty to behold for your dream vacation, especially having to consider any of the above listed countries will go a long way in leaving behind a remarkable memory you can never forget in a hurry.