Top 6 Achievements of The ECOWAS.3 min read

The Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) has not only succeeded in promoting economic growth and facilitating regional trade within the West African sub region but have also recorded major mile stones in terms of ensuring that its mission and vision of fully integrating West Africa is achievable. In this post, I will take a brief look at some of the major achievements recorded by the ECOWAS in its quest to break down barriers and build sustainable and prosperous West Africa.
Road Constructions.
One major achievement by the ECOWAS is the construction of highways linking major cities across the region. One of such intra road network currently been built by the ECOWAS is the Lagos-Abidjan highway that starts from Ivory Coast (Elubo) passes through Alflao and terminates in Lagos. The regional body has also been lauded for the completion of the Nouakchott-Lagos road network.

 Bridging the Divide between the Francophone and the Anglophone.
The ECOWAS has succeeded at fostering regional integration first by launching the ECOWAS passport which has facilitate regional movement between the West African Francophone and the Anglophone countries. Several platforms have been put in places to discuss major issues confronting the region. This kind of collaborative has helped in easing down tension and suspicion among the West African French and English speaking countries.
Direct Inter-communication Network.
The regional block has done much in building a robust regional telephone network. ECOWAS member states now have an effective and efficient telephony network that directly connects all the West African countries. Before the formation of ECOWAS, there was no existence of telephone inter connectivity between the member states as phones were basically routed first from Europe and connected to countries in West Africa.
Free Movement of People and Goods.
One of the objectives of ECOWAS was basically to ensure there was free movement of people, services and goods within the region without any itch. The regional block has succeeded in removing barriers impeding the free movement of people, services and goods and to a large extend facilitate regional trade among the West African Countries.
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Security, Integration and Peace.
The Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) has achieved much in the area of ensuring peace within the sub-region. ECOWAS on several occasions has brokered peace within conflict zones in the region. Peace keeping by the troops deployed by ECOWAS Monitoring Groups to war torn countries within the sub region has help in maintaining peace.

The Economic Community of West Africa States Summits.

The annual summit of the Economic Community of West Africa States has avail the Head of States within the sub region to proffer solution towards solving the myriads of problems confronting member states and the region at large.

Few Facts about ECOWAS You Should Know:
The main administrative HQ of the Economic Community of West Africa States is situated in Abuja, Nigeria.
One of the major objectives of ECOWAS was to foster socio-economic growth among its member states.
The ECOWAS established the ECOWAS Monitoring Group ECOMOG in 1990 and its establishment was initially meant to sustain peace in Sierra Leone.
The 1st Executive Secretary of ECOWAS was Aboubakar Diaby Ouattara.
Gnassingbé Eyadéma was the first West African Head of State to formally canvass for the formation of the regional body ECOWAS.
Togo is the last member state to join ECOWAS.
Nigeria and Togo were the two West African Countries that promoted ECOWAS formation.
ECOWAS was formed in 1975.