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One of the most difficult topic is to compare African countries economically. There are so many things at the play. The former colonial master is a factor. The a majority religion group is also another factor, and the a geographical location on the continent is also another factor.

Economic comparison can fairly be done geographically. This is because neighbors trade between each other and they also compete without much ado. Today’s. Video is about West Africa, [ Music, ], located on the West Africa’s Atlantic coast, Guinea Bissau not to be confused with ecto Rio.

Guinea is endowed with minerals. With a quarter of the world’s proven bauxite deposits and significant iron and gold deposits, they are main. Exports include cashew nuts frozen fish and timber GDP grew by an estimated 5 percent in 2019.

Economic performance remains highly dependent on volumes and prices of cashew nuts. The country’s, cause low on HDI. It has a smaller per capita and low internet use. Life expectancy in guinea-bissau is at 59 years and our number nine we have the Gambia.

The Gambia is a smaller West African country, bounded by Seneca with a narrow Atlantic coastline. It’s, known for its diverse ecosystem around the central Gambia River. The country relies primarily on tourism, agriculture and aspera limit.

Once’s, The Gambia cause low on Human Development Index literacy rate is at the 60 %, and life expectancy is at the 60 years. Our number eight. We have Togo another West African country that is struggling economically with a population of 7.

8 million people. Taco relies heavily on mining, taco has the second largest bauxite reserve and Armenia. The country also has gold and diamond, but despite its mineral wealth, its citizen is among the world’s.

Poorest Togo’s. Infrastructure is averaged by African standards. Literacy rate is at 63 percent, one of the best in Africa. Togo has one of the best human development index and a higher life expectancy in West Africa, and our number seven we have been in this french-speaking country has a life expectancy of just 60 years.

The country is well known for cotton production and export, and it is a reader in textile industry. In Africa. Benin’s. Economy grew at seven point, six point: seven percent: in 2019, thanks to government investment in the infrastructure projects like the Glo jibei Airport, making it one of the fastest growing economies on the continent.

Literacy rate in Benin is one of the lowest in Africa at 42 %. [, Music ] and our number 6. We have Mauritania, the economy of Montana is still largely based on agriculture and livestock. Even though most of the nomads and many subsistence farmers were forced into the cities due to consistent droughts, Montana has a low Human Development Index and life expectancy is at 64 years.

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Literacy rate is at 54 percent. Mauritania seems to have better infrastructure than its neighbors. The country is also fairly stable compared to its neighbors and our number five we have Senegal szeliga gained its independence in 1960.

At that time it was one of the poorest countries in the world, yet it quickly became an example of development. Success in Africa predominantly rural and with limited natural resources, the economy of Senegal gained most of its foreign exchange from fish, phosphates, groundnuts, tourism and services.

Life expectancy in Senegal is at 67 years, and the a per capita income is at one thousand five hundred and ten dollars. Senegal has one of the best road infrastructure in West Africa. This has played a big role in its tourism sector.

Airports, roads and electric train are some of the key infrastructure in Senegal. Our number four is Ivory Coast’s after gaining its independence in 1960, who devar has managed to greatly improve and stabilize its economy averaging five percent growth in the last decade, Ivory Coast’s.

Economy is mostly agricultural and from cocoa to coffee. Pineapples to raba Ivory Coast tops its neighbours. Ival Coast has one of the highest per capita income in West Africa at one thousand seven hundred and twenty two dollars life expectancy is at fifty four years and literacy rate at forty three percent, making it one of the lowest in West Africa.

Ivory Coast has one of the best road infrastructure in West Africa. Between 2018 and 2019, the government invested 7 billion u.s. dollar in road construction, [ Music ], our number three. We have the famous nation of Ghana after gaining its independence in 1957, then has worked to grow its economy from being one of the poorest in Africa.

To being among the fastest growing economy on the continent, the country is working to enhance its high value-added industry by leading in manufacturing in West Africa, and this has brought about a strong recovery on the a local market.

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Ghana has one of the best life expectancy in West Africa and the second highest Human Development Index. Ghana has the highest returns rate in West Africa at 79 percent. It also seems to enjoy very good road infrastructure as compared to its neighbours.

Ghana could easily be the most developed country in West Africa and our number two we have Nigeria. The economy of Nigeria is a middle-income mixed economy and emerging market with expanding manufacturing, Financial Service, communication technology and entertainment sectors.

Nigeria has some of the most advanced cities in West Africa and greater infrastructure projects thanks to their massive oil deposits. If we were to ignore human government indicator, Nigeria would easily be the most developed country in West Africa.

Their GDP is the largest not only in West Africa, but the whole continent. The a per capita of 2233 dollars is one of the highest in West Africa, but looking at the HDI index, one begins to see why they can’t be the most developed materials.

Life expectancy is the lowest in West Africa at just 55 years, and the illiteracy rate is 62 %, [ Music ] and finally, our number one is a country most West African don’t even know where it’s located on a Map, Cape Verde, oh so known and Cabo Verde – is an island country spanning anak Perrigo of ten volcanic islands.

Most people would argue that it’s, not part of West Africa, even though it’s. A member of Equus, the economy of Cape Verde is a service-oriented economy that is focused on Commerce, trade, transport and public services with West Africa’s, highest per capita income of three thousand six hundred and ninety dollars.

Cape Valley annually runs a high trade deficit financed by foreign aid and Lim remittances from its diaspora population. The country has some of the best road infrastructure in West Africa, better schools, hospitals and other public facilities.

Life expectancy in Cape Verde is at 73 years and their literacy rate is 87 percent, making it the most educated country in West Africa, [ Music, ], [, Music ]. If you have subscribed to my channel awesome, if you haven’t awesome, [ Music ], you