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The flag of Antigua and Barbuda is a pretty cool one. It was created in 1967 by Sir Reginald Samuel the flag has a sun with a blue and white horizon covered by two red taper triangles on the side. The sun represents the dawning of a new era, the black represents the black African ancestry of the people, the blue represents hope and the sea, the white represents the sand, the red on the sides are cut down into a V-shape to represent victory and the red represents the vibrancy and the energy of the people.

Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Caribbean Sea in the North American continent on the western hemisphere. The cool thing about Antigua and Barbuda’s location is that even though it’s located thousands of kilometers away from mainland Europe, technically you can still fly to France, England and the Netherlands within a thirty to an hour minute flight and that’s because with the exception of St. Kitts and Nevis all of Antigua and Barbuda immediate neighboring nations and islands are overseas territories that still belong to the respective European mother nations. That means that technically, you can go to Europe without ever crossing the Atlantic. Islands such as St. Eustatius and Saba for the Netherlands, Montserrat and Anguilla for the UK, Guadeloupe for France and St. Maarten which is technically owned by both the Netherlands and France.

For most of the five centuries of its past history, most of the islands in the Caribbean were occupied by European powers including Antigua and Barbuda who have been under mostly British rule for the majority of their recent history that is until 1981 when they gained their independence. The country has two main islands, Antigua the main island in the south and Barbuda the relaxing getaway island which is in the shape of a pig in the north. The capital is St. John’s located on Antigua. Antigua is divided into six small parishes and Redondo Island was nabbed by Antigua and Barbuda as it lies between St. Kitts and Nevis and Montserrat. Also going to Barbuda is going be a little bit trickier. All travelers will have to enter into Antigua first and then either charter a flight or take a ferry to Barbuda.

The islands are mostly low-lying islands and the highest point being on Antigua’s volcanic crater named Mount Obama. In 2009, Antiguans named their highest point Mount Obama even though prior to 2009 Obama had never been to that island and as of 2014 he has yet to have gone to Antigua nonetheless they named their highest point Mount Obama. Both of the islands have lots of beautiful coral reefs and natural lagoons which have an abundance of aquatic wildlife. One of the most famous spots being stingray city on Antigua however the problem is that both of the islands don’t really have many natural freshwater resources they have a few creeks. Most of their freshwater is stored up in small ponds or reservoirs and luckily the island get plenty of rainwater and their desalinization plants provide them with fresh water as well.

Previously the islands used to have a lot of fig trees however over the years especially during British colonization the islands were used for sugarcane plantations. The Island’s major crops include saw Island cotton, locust fruit and the famous Antiqua black pineapple. About 30 percent of the land is arable but only 18 percent of the land is used for farming in agriculture. The reason why is because most of the people in Antigua and Barbuda don’t really care much about going into the agricultural sector but prefer the tourism sector because it pays more money. Most major crops are actually grown on family plots and sold at local markets. Fishing actually takes up a huge part of the economic industry as well as the typical Antigua and Barbuda diet. Antigua and Barbuda have beautiful pristine white sandy beaches and lagoons and caves as well as an amazing bird sanctuary.

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Antigua and Barbuda actually has about 30 small islets mostly privately owned by rich families or private clubs including the Mills reef club which owns all of Green Island.  Antigua and Barbuda has about 86,000 people about 91% of them are black, 4% are mixed, 2% are white and 3% are other. Antiguan and Barbuda have a distinct culture that slightly differentiates them from the other Caribbean nations. The majority of the population like other Caribbean islands has a black majority that are descendants of former slaves used for plantation work during the British rule.  Prior to the African and European inhabitants, Antigua and Barbuda were inhabited by the Siboney, the Arawaks and the Caribs.  It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus passed by in the 15th century and named one of the islands Santa Maria La Antigua or St. Maria the ancient and Barbuda which means the bearded which could possibly be referenced to the bearded tribesman that Columbus witnessed as he passed through the islands.

Finally in 1632 the British were the first people to successfully colonize the islands and today the Amerindian population is actually pretty small and there’s only a few hundred left however it’s very possible that many people have Amerindian heritage passed down on their line of ancestry on the islands. As a former British colony, English is the official language however they speak with a distinct and Antiguan and Barbuda dialect where many of the words are abbreviated and slightly changed based on the words that they derive from.

The vast majority of people live on the island of Antigua with only about 2,000 people living on Barbuda. Barbuda lacks in people has definitely makes up in tourism as every single day tons and tons of people flock to that area to check out some of the most amazing beaches and tourism sites that it offers. When it comes to friends Antigua and Barbuda pretty much get along with everybody as they don’t have any international disputes. However the countries that stick out the most are probably going to be the US and the UK and Venezuela. The US and UK because they have the largest economic holding on Antigua and Barbuda and Venezuela because they are a huge business partner.

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As a member of CARICOM or the Caribbean community, Antigua and Barbuda pretty much gets along with all the other nations of the Caribbean Community and especially most distinctively the ones that speak English like Jamaica Barbados, Grenada and Dominica. In terms of their best friend, Antigua and Barbuda might probably consider St. Kitts Nevis their best friend considering the fact that they are like the four brothers that have gone through all of the British colonization period together, stuck by each other and they just get along really well plus there’s only about 40 nautical miles between them.

They do like to compete a lot with each other.  In conclusion, Antigua and Barbuda are two powerhouse islands voted as the best place to have a wedding in 2014 and It’s no surprise that Antigua and Barbuda are the gems that stand out in the Caribbean.