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Even though the Ebola epidemic had been curtailed, the West African region is still plagued with numerous tropical diseases like Dengue fever, Malaria, Cholera, HIV, Lassa fever and other pathogenic diseases. When embarking on a trip to this region of Africa, you are advised to take extra measures in protecting yourself. If you are coming from the West or any other part of the world, here are few items you may wish to carry along.
Mosquito Net
Insect repellent cream
Sun glasses
Light wears
Anti-Malaria Drugs (Optional but necessary)
West Africa is the most populated part of Africa, it can be said to be the most difficult destination for travelers visiting Africa as well as potentially the most enjoyable, rewarding and exciting place in Africa.

Travelers to Benin
Benin is relatively a safe and easy country for tourist as well as travelers to stay. The capital Cotonou is clean and homely. However, note that Benin is the originator of Voodoo religion in Africa and probably in the world. Welcome to the home of Africa Juju.
Travelers to Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso is one of the West African Landlocked countries. You are advised to make all necessary arrangement regarding accommodation and airport pickups ahead before flying to Burkina Faso. Relatively peaceful, however prepare to eat some fufu and groundnut soup. The capital Ouagadougou has an exciting night life.

Travelers to Cape Verde
Cape Verde is one of the tiniest islands in West Africa located just along the coast of Senegal. It is surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and pride itself of many cool beaches.  I have no doubt you will savour the beauty of this wonderful island. Don’t forget to take home some coconuts.
Travelers to Côte d’Ivoire
Formerly one of the most sorts after destination in West Africa, but sadly this cocoa producing nation has lost it glow due to myriads of recent political unrest.
Travelers to The Gambia
If you love beautiful sandy beaches you will certainly love the Gambia. This coastal West African country is the focal point for many European tourists and beach lovers.  Bird watchers accounts for more than 60% of Gambian tourists. 
Travelers to Ghana
Ghana often referred to as the Gateway for Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Africa has many beautiful landscapes and climate just great for tourist. One of the most peaceful nations in West Africa and probably the choice destination for English speaking tourists.  Once called the Gold Coast, a visit to Ghana without a trip to the Ashanti Kingdom is not complete. Least I forget, they have beautiful lakes should you love boat ride.
Travelers to Guinea
Guinea has one of the most serene country side views in West Africa. It could probably be referred to as Africa’s Switzerland. Lying along the tropics there are vast densely rain forests with many beautiful tropical animals and birds to watch. Great for animals film makers.

Zuma Rock, Abuja Nigeria (Photo Credit: Flickr)
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Travelers to Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is less visited by tourists probably because of the little change the country has witnessed since after its independence. This former colony of the Portuguese has the potential to attract millions of tourist yearly if the country’s economic and political structures are stabilized.

Travelers to Liberia
Liberia has gone through several conflicts and currently not an idle destination for tourist visiting West Africa. The capital Monrovia is quite safe but completely undeveloped.
Travelers to Nigeria
Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth. With a population of about 200 million people, it is certainly a highly populated nation. It is the wealthiest West African Country and one of Africa’s top oil and gas exporting country. However, in the midst of its huge natural and human resources, this wealthy country has over 60% of its citizen walloping in abject poverty. Nigeria is a vibrant tourist destination, unfortunately, years of ethnic unrest, terrorist attacks and militancy in the Niger Delta region has repelled off tourist from this culturally diverse nation.
Travelers to Senegal
Senegal is one of the hot spot for tourist visiting West Africa.  The people are visitors-friendly, the local cuisines are tasty and the cool beaches certainly make every tourist want to visits again and again. Senegal is a former French colony and the capital is Dakar.

Travelers to Sierra Leone
Plague by the outbreak of Ebola that put off tourists for some time.  Sierra Leone have nice beaches and numerous heritage sites, however the lack of adequate infrastructure for transportation couple with little development in several sectors of the economy has held this country back.
Travelers to Togo
Togo is a small and quite country. It is peaceful and tourist friendly.

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