The Discovery of Making fire with Drilling1 min read

fire with Drilling

c 7000 BC

People have used fire for more than a million years, but only discovered how to make it about 9000 years ago. Two main methods were used. One was to hit a rock called pyrites with a flint, which produced sparks that could be used to start a fire. The other method was to spin a stick called a fire drill against a piece of wood until sparks flew Archaeologists have found the equipment used for both methods throughout Europe.

The earliest drills were probably pointed stones that people spun between the palms of their hands. Later, sticks were spun to make fire. People also discovered that they could spin the drill faster by wrapping a cord around it, tying the ends of the cord to a wooden bow, and pushing this back and forth. This bow drill was used in some parts of the world until recent times.




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