Soccer Versus American Football, Which is Most Popular and Watched in America.3 min read


The first time I heard the word American football, I certainly thought it was the regular football I knew of. It took while to figure out the difference between the two games. You probably have been in the same situation, thinking soccer is the same thing as American football. Soccer is a field game played by 11 players on both side of the filed. In total, 22 players are on the filed during the paly duration. The game of soccer involves the use of every part of the body except the hands. A hard and round ball is used in the field of field of play. Goals are scored when the ball is shot into the opponent’s net. In soccer, the team is divided into the forward, wingers, midfielders, defenders and goal keepers. American football or just football as fondly referred to in United States was originally known as gridiron. American football is also a team and game field game played by eleven players on both side of the field. An oval hard ball is used in the field of play. Like the game of soccer, the American Football also has goal post where goals are scored at each end of the filed. However, unlike soccer that is played for 90 minutes consisting of first and second half that lasts for 45 minutes each, the American Football is played for 60 minutes with four quarters of each lasting for 15 minutes. The game is played with both hands and legs while the team comprises of the offense, special teams and the defense.

In the United States about an estimated of 16.5 million Americans watch American football annually. The American Football League regulates the policies governing the game in America. For whatever reason, the Americans seem to like their football over soccer. I believe most if not all American tends to fancy home grown sports like the baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, football etc. and sport games that they can control effectively. Another important factor that has endeared Americans to the sport is the fact that American television aired more NFL league games than soccer games. Soccer only became popular in the United States as women’s sport. This was the simple reason why the United States women’s national soccer was established before the United States men’s national soccer team. The Women’s association football (WFA) inaugurated in 1969 charged with overseeing the game of women football was quite instrumental to helping the growth of the United States female Football team.

Like I mentioned before, the American tends to fancy home grown sports and this undoubtedly has made the American Football a household sport. Colleges now have the College Football All-America Team; the army has the U.S. Army All-American Bowl with special competition called the Under Armour All-America Game. The American Youth Football is another association formed that has helped to give the game of American football a national popularity. While soccer has barely grasp hold the fancy of the Americans sport audience, the United States Soccer Federation is helping to strengthen major soccer leagues MSL across America. More football pitch than basketball courts are now been built in more communities while Indoor soccer competition are also encouraged through sponsorship deals with global brands like Coca Cola and others.

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