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Religions in Ghana
Religions in Ghana

Ghana is a country with over 70 ethnic groups, including Christians and Muslims. Ghana is the first African nation to adopt Islam as its state religion. Because of the diversity of ethnic groups and traditions in Ghana, there are many different religions practiced in this country. The two most famous religions in Ghana are Christianity and Islam. Christians are the most populous group. Christianity was introduced to Ghana during the late 15th century. The British invaded Ghana in 1874 and they felt that Christianity was a suitable religion in the colonial tradition. So, they decided to set up Anglican Churches for their mission work. The Anglican Church of West Africa (ACWA) was set up in 1951 and completed its transferral of authority in 1960 to the Church of the Province of West Africa (CPA). They have built many churches and cathedrals over time. Christians are predominantly from the western and southern areas, those from the northern region practice Islam.

The Catholic Church was introduced in 1482. It is made up of people from all over Ghana. Many different ethnic groups within the Catholic Church make it almost impossible to draw a line along with an ethnic group. In addition to Christians and Muslims, there is traditional religion also practiced by the people of Ghana. However, very few people believe in traditional worship, they along the line either convert to Christianity or Islam.

Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana. About 71.2% of Ghana’s population are Christian. Most Christians belong to the Anglican Church of West Africa (ACWA) otherwise known as the Church of the Province of West Africa. This church has been constructing several other churches and cathedrals since its inception in 1951. The ACWA has 11 dioceses in Ghana, including the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Anglican Diocese of Tamale among others. The ACWA also has offices and agencies that can be found throughout Ghana including the headquarters in Accra. The ACWA since its inception till date has 11 archbishops. The church has an annual conference that discusses issues of national importance.

There are many missionaries in Ghana that belong to various religious organizations. There are a lot of different missionary organizations in Ghana operating in every part of the country except for the rural areas where people prefer the traditional religions.

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In an Overview of Types of Religions in Ghana
The most prominent religions in Ghana are Christianity, Islam, and Traditional African Religions.

The majority of the people in Ghana claim Christianity as their religion with an estimate of 71.2% of the population.

Muslim has about (17.6%), Traditional Religions has (5.2%), and other beliefs (6%).

Most of the Christians Religion comprises of Roman Catholics, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Protestant, Methodist, and Anglican.

Islam in Ghana is practiced in regions such as the north, west, and upper east regions of Ghana.

The Muslim population is made up of Sunni (80%) and Shia (20%).

Traditional African religions in Ghana are practiced by only 5.2% of the population.

Also in Ghana, the Hindu population has been estimated to be between 50,000 to 80,000.

Some Ghanaians practice Buddhism (about 6% of residents) with about 2,500 monks and nuns. They are mainly located in Kumasi.

Finally, the last major religion in Ghana is Juju Religions which make up 1% of the population.