Places To Visit in Ghana for First Time Tourist3 min read


Ghana is another African country that has much to offer visitors. It is the second most populated country as well as the most peaceful and well spread out countries in West Africa. Ghana has a diverse variety in its geography, culture, and people. If you are looking for serene places to visit on your vacation to Ghana then let this post be your guide about places to visit in Ghana.

Accra, Ghana’s capital city, is the largest and most cosmopolitan urban Centre in the country. Built on a coastal spit of land that divides two rivers, the city’s port serves as the country’s main gateway for products entering and leaving Ghana. You can also find shopping malls, public parks, beaches (that are not polluted), recreational centers, and other entertainment options locations. There are a handful of parks in Accra but the one that you can go to if you want to see serene and nature is the Aburi botanical garden.
Accra is a great place for shopping, with lots of banks, markets, restaurants, historic places with active nightlife. The famous Kwama Nkurumah Memorial is also situated in Accra where you can walk through his collection of hunting guns and even what was said to be the last car he drove. There is so much to discover in Accra.

Kumasi is the capital of Ashanti and also hosts the Rattray Park, the Kumasi zoo, and Botanical gardens where you may learn a lot about medicinal plants.

Kwabenya is another great place to visit because here you will get to see a side of Ghana that has not changed since time immemorial. The villages here are still lived in by people who practice the traditional African lifestyle. In Kwabenya you can visit the beautiful Kente weavers, porters, and potters. The largest craft market in Ghana is the Kejetia Market located in the central part of Kumasi. In this market, you can pick up some authentic African clothes to take home or as gift items from Ghana.

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Another unique place to visit is Kpong in the Eastern part of Ghana where you will be opportune to see the famous Kpong Hydro Dam as well as the Boti waterfall.
Zongo is a city that has its unique character, it is not as modernized as Accra but it boasts of its architecture and local history. Located in the northern part of Ghana and Hausa predominantly spoken, you can see some of the earliest schools in Ghana here. The churches are very big and imposing, you should visit Zongo to learn about some of the histories of Ghana.

The Volta region is another place I recommend you visit. It is Ghana’s 16th administrative region. The capital is Ho, you can visit the Wli waterfalls as well as the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary.
The south of Ghana comprises cities like Kumasi, Cape Coast, Takoradi, and Assin Foso and these places have their charm, it has many rivers that flow into the ocean and provide the fishing industry with food for many families. It is also home to Mount Afadjato which tops out at 2,904 feet and the lush green forests there are said to be filled with monkeys and rare birds.

You can also visit the UNESCO Heritage sites of the Asante Traditional Buildings declared in 1980 and Forts and Castles, Volta, Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions declared in 1979 to see the ancient African traditional artifacts offered by these sites.
As I mentioned earlier Ghana is an African country that has much to offer visitors, there are beautiful beaches with warm water and white sand but they are polluted so do not swim in them. Many historical sites still have their original building materials from the colonial period and this makes it an interesting place to visit.