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Here are some of the popular beautiful tourist destinations across West Africa that are worth visiting. However, before embarking on your trip to this region, try as much as possible to gather valuable information regarding accommodation, climate conditions and tour guides and maps available for navigation. West Africa is home to hundreds of animals and plants species. Most of the countries in the region possess rich and diverse cultures, friendly people and beautiful natural sceneries.
Preparing to visit places in West Africa? Below are some of my recommended tourist destinations to visit.
Ghana: A visit TO Ghana without a trip to the Kakum National Park is no visit. Kakum National park is a home to over a thousand endangered wildlife species. The park is located in southern part of Ghana and is home to some of the most protected endangered species of mammals like the Bongo Antelope and Diana Monkeys. The Kakum National Park is open from 6AM-4PM every day/ 247 a year.

Cape Verde: The Fogo Island is a magnificent place indeed. Every tourists wants to see the bleeding volcanoes found in this Island. Most of the active volcanoes are seen on clear days from Santiago a close Island. If you love mountain climbing, then be prepared to explore these unique beautiful mountains. Even the lava that flows is still seen. Most tourist relishes on the everlasting memory of the soothing landscape and tasty wine.
Nigeria: The Obudu Cattle Ranch located in Calabar in the Southern part of Nigeria is breath taking. A nature at its best. The ranch is a wonderful place for relaxation and holiday vacations. The water park, golf course and beautiful landscape are few major characteristics that projects the ranch. A great spot for family holiday. The ranch is equipped with modern gadgets and state of the art facilities.
Senegal:One of the places you will love to see in Senegal is the Natural Reserve of Popenguine. This natural reserve area is located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean heavily characterized by sandy beach overseeing the vast cover of the ocean. Popenguine is also significant for its sighting of the reserved Black Madonna hence making it a serious religious site in Senegal.

Togo: The Fazao Malfakassa National Park is one of the 3 biggest parks found in Togo. It is actually located in between the mountainous region of the Kara and Centrale wetlands that forms border with Ghana. Established in 1975, Fazao Malfakassa National Park was formed as the result of merging two-forest reserve Fazo and Malfakassa. This park is a home to thousands of unique species of plants and animals. If you are a sucker for hiking, then the rocky hills surrounding the park will be of much value to you.
Mali: The Grand Mosque of Djenne is ultimately the best place to visit when in Mali. Built in the early 13th century, this adorable ancient building was said to be designed by the best architects specifications made in conformity to the ancient architectural style of the Sudano-Sahelian Empire. The grand mosque is situated in Djenne. Christened as the first ever mosque to be erected in the 13th century, this structure is reverend as one of the foremost landmark beauty in Africa.
Ivory Coast: The Man Waterfall spring up from the Toura Mountains coming from the city of Man. The Toura peak is one of the 2 highest peak in Man found in the Southern region of Ivory Coast. This waterfall is a magnificent beauty and heavily patronized by tourist for cooling off.

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