Nigerian Restaurants Near Me That Cooks The Best Nigerian Food3 min read


Nigerians indeed are food lovers, not just food but good food. In a Nigerian Restaurant you can find some of the major Nigerian cuisines that are popular across West Africa. Although Nigerian food has a blend of many different Nigerian cultures, many Nigerian cuisines have undoubtedly become popular as a result of Nigerian migrating to other part of the world.

There are a lot of incredible spots across Nigeria to enjoy local dishes however, my favorite Nigerian restaurant is Jevinik Restaurant located in Maitama Abuja. This restaurant provides any kind of Nigerian delicacy prepared by cooking, frying, grilling, baking steaming, you name it. Nigerian food are quite tasty and spicy due to the use of the various peppers and spices. A typical Nigerian cuisine generally consist of a blend various ingredients into a single dish.

My typical example of a Nigerian local dish is ‘’Eba with the groundnut stew or palm oil soup locally known as BANGA soup’’. My favourite other dishes include “Moi moi”, okra soup and Egusi soup. If you are a fan of rice, then be prepared to be spoilt by the famous Nigerian Jollof rice which can be bought in every single Nigerian Restaurant both in the city and in rural areas. Suffice to say that the most common way of eating in Nigeria is to use the right hand to grab the food and eat with the hands. This includes all grabbing all parts of the meal, including soup.  Some of the most popular alcoholic beverages include Star Larger beer, Gulder beer, Heineken, 33 Export among others. However, traditional Nigerian alcoholic beverages include palm wine and the local gin.

Some of the popular Nigerian restaurants I will recommend if you are visiting the Nigerian capital for the first time will be Jevinik Restaurant, Nkoyo restaurant, Igbo Restaurant in Abuja, Pishon Gourmet African Restaurant, BluCabana Restaurant & Café, Wakkis Food and Amala Place all located in the heart of Abuja. These restaurants usually serve traditional dishes of divers form and are accompanied with drinks of choice. As earlier mentioned, due to the high number of emigrants, there are many different types of restaurants in every country that Nigerians migrates to.  In England for example, there are many different types of Nigerian restaurants such as the K’s Spice African Restaurant, OXO Tower Restaurant, Enish Nigerian Restaurant Lewisham and 280 Degrees African Restaurant & Bar/ Nigeria among others. In the United States, there are also many different Nigerian restaurants such as Africana Bar and Restaurant, Bukom Café and Appioo African Bar & Grill among others.

It is also important to note that the food industry in Nigeria is very large especially with the embracement of the fast food restaurants by the young Nigerian millennial. In Abuja alone, you could find over 200 fast food joints with the biggest ones been the KFC, Chicken Republic and Mr Biggs. It may also interest to note that the night food markets is also a booming business in Nigeria. It is common to see women selling fried plantains, yam, chicken, beans balls at all corners of the streets at Night.

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