My Experience With Four Seasons Mauritius on My Honey Moon3 min read


If you are thinking of visiting Mauritius as a tourist and wonder which is the best five stars hotel that can best cater for all your needs then I personally will recommend the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita situated along the coastal path of the Indian ocean. A trip from the country’s capital Port Louis to Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita takes roughly about two hours’ drive depending on the route you are taking.

Well-known for its cuisine, flowers, orchids, and bougainvillea, the to Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita has been voted as one of the most beautiful resort in the world.

The hotel’s architecture is eclectic with modern elements incorporating traditional Mauritian style. The Four Seasons Hotel Mauritius, was designed by Macbeth Architects & Designers with the modern Mauritian style encompassing over water pavilions, open air with exotic wood floors and decks. Opened in 2008, the hotel has approximately 90 guest rooms, meeting room that has the capacity to contain 110 guests with a total size of about 209 square meter / 2,250 square ft.

The Four Seasons is known for its luxurious service. When I had my honeymoon there, I felt like royalty. The staff gave us as much attention as if we had just arrived from a country with a royal court.

What really took my breath away was the atrium area of the hotel. It was very similar to a large living room with a fireplace and palm trees on either side, surrounded by swimming pools on all four sides. The floor to ceiling windows provided a great view of the ocean. The walls were decorated with artwork, mostly coral reefs and birds.


The various types of food served in the restaurant enhanced the ambiance of the hotel. At breakfast, I had my first cooked dishes. The best was the omelet with mangoes cooked in coconut milk with other fruits. The tropical fruit salad was fruity and sweet while the goat cheese omelet was super delicious.

We also had salads, soups, crepes, pasta, etc. The chef took great pains to prepare the food the way the guests wanted it. A small chat with him showed his confident in his abilities and I guess he had really wanted to please his guests with his creations. The same attitude was reflected by the staff in the kitchen.

The bar area was very pleasant for relaxation and for watching others have fun that was happening in the pools. Our favorite bartender was our second-floor receptionist. He always knew how to make me laugh and keep me from getting bored in this busy, expensive hotel.

While at the bar, I ordered for a traditional Brazilian drink called a caipirinha. It really tasted like the typical Brazil drink however,it  had a twist of lime and was very refreshing.

The spa treatment had provision for everyone. The pool was great for relaxation. There was also the kids’ water park and butterfly gallery. These areas had been designed for children of all ages. Several activities for adults were also in display with activities like yoga classes on the beach and golfing attracting most of the guests.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this resort for honeymooners, couples, business people, and families with kids of all ages. The hotel is just under one mile long with many different types of services for fun people.

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