Today we take a look at the five most beautiful cities in west africa. West africa is the westernmost region of africa, which is made up of 16 countries.

Nine of which are francophone countries and the seven are anglophone countries. West africa is famous for its cultural diversity and rich history. The most beautiful city in west africa will depend on infrastructural development, including availability of good roads, architectural designs and urban planning.

Other factors to consider before arriving at the best and most beautiful cities are shopping facilities, entertainment and leisure facilities, friendliness and hospitality. While it is difficult to establish any one west african city as the best there are five major west african cities that stand out.

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Let’s, create and grow together. Now let’s get into the video number five on our list is dhaka. Dakar is the capital and largest city of senegal located along the coast. Its position on the western edge of africa is an advantageous departure point for transatlantic trade.

It has several tourist attractions and is also booming in trade and other economic activities. It is one of the best west african cities. You will surely enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the natives.

Some of the major places were visiting in dakar are the grand marching, the renaissance monuments, the dakar cathedral and the golden beaches of ingo island, four accra accra. The capital city of ghana is a modern city with classic baths, restaurants shopping malls and night clubs.

It also has a flourishing real estate sector, which is why it has become a favorite vacation destination for the upper class africans and tourists. Ghanians are very friendly people and their tropical environment is very much favorable.

There are many highbrow areas and also nice spots for evening hangouts, making it an amazing city to live in. There are many affluent areas, including east lagon, the location of the city’s. Only traditional shopping, complex acromore has the biggest shopping mall in west africa, which is then west hills mall.

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Another popular option is osu, where many go to shop in hangout is also considered entertainment hub of accra. The downtown area has seen much development over the last decade and the range of service high-rise apartments makes it an easy location to set up at home quickly and easily.

The tropical climate makes it all the more appealing. Things are changing for the better and fast, coupled with the government’s, commitment to investing process into social and physical infrastructure.

There is no doubt that in a couple of years a crowd will be able to compete with some western countries of the world. Some of the major places world visiting are the kwame nkrumah memorial park, the famous art center, the biggest market in akram, which is makala market, the black star square and the beautiful beaches like kakmono beach, labadi beach and cocoa beach number three on our list is apuja.

Abuja is one of the most well-planned cities of africa. It has got much about everything that a modern city should have imposing beautiful public and government buildings. Privates are both with excuses out of the world architecture, most of which are actually castles and villas.

The roads are neat and wide. The city has got well planned layout, relatively good security, and is the center of nigeria’s. Government. The interesting thing here is that it also makes provision for an effective, cheap transportation system for the average man.

Abuja is known for being one of the few people’s built capital cities in africa, as well as being one of the world years. Some of the major places world visiting are wonderland, amusement park and resort zuma rock.

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That is the unique rock with the face the millennium park. You can also visit the abuja national mosque and you have the chance to explore the beauty of derby lake number two lagos, nigeria lagos is known to be the most popular city in nigeria.

Lagos is tipped in history and culture and has remarkable area of magnificent architecture and stunning attractions. The city is the main economic spirit of nigeria, despite not being the capital city of the country, it has a strong presence of notable companies, educational institutions and top-notch amenities.

The city is an interesting place to live, has got friendly people and unforgettable experiences. Lagos can boost of standard leisure facilities that are comparable to the ones available in developed countries.

There are actually places in lagos that have structures that will make you think you are in one of the cities in the developed countries. Now some of the popular places you can explore in the city are leki conservation, center victoria islands for the upscale night life and civic center event, the largest art gallery in west africa shop as their ekgs city mall and explore the freedom park at downtown lagos.

Now the best city in west africa on our list today is abhijan. Abhijan is the economic and largest city in ivory coast. It is one of the most popular french-speaking cities in africa. It is characterized by a high level of industrialization and urbanization.

It has got wide streets and green parks. It also has a good number of museums and art galleries that attracts visitors. All over avijan is a country’s. Major urban center, with skyscrapers rising above the every lagoon.

Other attractions in abijah include the saint paul’s cathedral, the banco national park and armani gallery, and there you have it as florence. The five most beautiful cities in west africa give this video a like.

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