List of West African Cuisine You Should Eat This Summer.4 min read


Jollof Rice: Every country in West Africa has its own way of preparing Jollof rice. The Nigerians will tell you their jollof rice is the best, the Ghanaian will argue same. The Senegalese had also claim they prepare the best jollof rice in West Africa. Whoever prepares the best jollof rice is left for the visitor to judge. Jollof rice is a rice dish garnished with a lot of ingredients like the tomatoes, pepper (chilly), spices, fish, meat and vegetables.

Puff puffs: Puff puff is probably popular in Nigeria and Ghana. It is eaten as breakfast with pap and tea. It can also be served as an appetizer before a full course meal and can be eaten anytime of the day. This hot deep fried dough is prepared by mixing the right quantity of baking yeast with powder flour. Well, if you don’t like oily food, then you might find puff puff repulsive, however one you have a taste of it, you will love it.

Groundnut and Kelewele: Popular in Ghana, this simply one of the most cherished snacks by kids. Kelewele with peanuts is basically, fried crispy hot plantain eaten with groundnuts. This inexpensive snack is very rich in iron and protein.
Dodo: Plantain is common in West Africa and is probably one of the commonest food sources in the West African region.  The Yoruba tribes in Western Nigeria call it Dodo. Dodo is a dip hot fried ripe plantain. It can serve as an ideal breakfast or can be taken with the combination of other dish as lunch or dinner. The plantain plant and the banana plant are in the same plant family.
Beans pottage: Beans pottage is eaten across West African countries. The Ghanaians call it Red Red, while it is called Ewa by the Yoruba’s in Nigeria. This delicious pasty meal is prepared by cooking the blacked eyed peas commonly known as beans with the red palm oil and garnished with other ingredients like pepper, salt and onions. 
Sardines & Kenkey: Mostly eaten in Ghana, it can serve as a perfect breakfast meal for the day. Kenkey is basically a meshed corn similar to the sourdough eaten mostly with sardines or oily fish. It can be bought in restaurants across Ghana and other West African countries.
Potatoes Green Pottage: is popular Sierra Leone cuisine which is prepared from groundnut and potatoes leaves garnished with meshed fish or shredded pieces of steamed meat. In Ghana, cocoyam leaves is used in place of potato leaves in preparing this cuisine. However, spinach can be used to replace the cocoyam or potato leaves.

Super Kanja: This soup is eaten in the Gambia. It is prepared from okra leaves and okra itself. Super Kanja can be eaten in combination with other meal like rice etc.

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Palm Nut Soup (Photo Credit:

Pepper Soup: Popular in virtually all the restaurants in Nigeria. Pepper or chilly soup is prepared with a lot of pepper in it. The different types of paper soups are beef pepper soup, fish pepper, chicken pepper soup and goat meat pepper soup. Most pepper soup are consumed with a bottle of cold beer in most sunny afternoons or taken to ward of flu. However, if you cannot withstand spicy food, you better try other dish.

Eddoe Soup: This is a popular dish in Liberia and is prepared by cooking cocoyam with the red palm oil, then mesh into a thick and smooth paste. Eddoe Soup is perfect with meat.

Egusi Soup: The egusi soup is one of the popular soups in Nigeria made from the dried and grinded melon seeds. The soup is garnished with ingredients like meat, fish, onions, pepper, spices, stock fish and vegetable. It is perfect meal for lunch eaten with starch like garri, fufu or pounded yam.
Thieboudienne: This delicious Senegalese dish is made from tomatoes sauce, fish and rice. A tasty meal for breakfast or lunch and even dinner will make you crave for more. 
Banga Soup: Banga soup has over the years emerged as one of the most sorts after soups in Nigeria. It is prepared from the palm fruits which are meshed to bring out the reddish oily paste which contains several essential natural vitamins and mineral. The banga soup is best eaten with starch. 

Moi Moi: Another popular Nigerian food. Moimoi is prepared from beans. The peeled beans are grinded with onions and pepper and simmered in an enclosed container for several minutes for it to cake out. Moimoi is very rich in protein and can be eaten with other food.
NKatenkwen: This thick groundnut soup is eaten in most part of West Africa. It is prepared from meshed groundnut spiced with vegetable, pepper, salt and beef.

Ogbono Soup: Among the elite group of soups in Nigeria made from ogbono seed. This slimy soup is prepared from meshed ogbono seed, vegetable, crayfish, beef or fish, pepper etc. It is best eaten with pounded yam or any other starchy meal.