Kinondo Kwetu Hotel: Home Away From Home1 min read


Kinondo Kwetu Hotel is a luxury beach resort in Diani Beach, Kenya. It is located on a 10-acre property and has a private beach. The hotel has an outdoor pool and bar that is located near the sea.

Kinondo Kwetu Hotel offers a variety of rooms that suit different guests’ needs and budget. The hotel also provides excellent service for its guests with the help of their staff members who are well trained to provide quality services to their guests.

This hotel offers an amazing experience for both locals and tourists who are looking for peace, relaxation, and comfort during their visit to Kenya. It also offers guests a unique experience of a luxurious beachside stay at an affordable price.

Kinondo Kwetu Hotel has been voted as one of the top hotels in Kenya by TripAdvisor and is known for its friendly staff, great service and delicious food.

The hotel was built on the site of an old coconut plantation, with all its facilities designed to be eco-friendly. The rooms are equipped with sea views, private balconies and Wi-Fi access.

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