Interesting Facts About Ghana You Should Know1 min read

Facts About Ghana

Ghanaian people are good at farming rice. They grow a wide variety of crops and keep an eye on their soil quality. They were able to perfect this technique from centuries of trial and error, which has made them one of the most fruitful agricultural nations in Africa. Ghana has prospered since the arrival of European traders, who brought with them new technologies and trading strategies that helped the country become more efficient.

Ghanaians are skilled and creative artists. They have a diverse range of art techniques, but wood carving is their best known. This technique involves the use of chisels or knives to painstakingly and delicately carve figurines from a piece of wood. Ghanaian artists often use local woods like mahogany for these figures. Others prefer working with carrara marble, which they regard as a more precious material and can cost thousands of dollars per block.

The country has a strong infrastructure. One can find many industries in Ghana, like plastic, metal and garment manufacturers, which contribute to the economy and help the country stay competitive on a global scale. It is very easy to use services like banking or tourism from Ghana because of this efficient infrastructure. The country is in control of the largest reserves of manganese in the world. Manganese is used for steel production and as an alloy to strengthen alloys of steel. These manganese deposits are quite important for the country to remain economically viable because of the demand for those metals worldwide.

On average, Ghanaians live to be sixty years old. This may be surprising because not many Western countries have a life expectancy that close to that of generations before them.

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