Incredible Voodoo Culture in Benin2 min read


Welcome to been in the home and heart of Voodoo culture, voodoo is the national religion in burning and even the trees are considered sacred spirits. Ratnavati has been looking off to film two very different and very traditional through ceremonies.

First, you’re gonna see a spirit appear for the first time in seven years, a meet all these other fellow spirits in a traditional ceremony in ouidah. After that, we’re gonna go, see a traditional voodoo doctor and see what kind of white magic we can concoct now.

This might look like a madman in a suit, but he’s, actually a Buddhist period appearing for first time. In seven years after the Voodoo Chiefs sacrifice to Gunnar’s, everyone follows the spirit on a journey through the village.

The spirit decides which way to go when to stop and who to talk to it can be genuinely scary, cuz the locals believe this. The spirit touches you, you will die, but at the same time the spirit approaches you you can’t turn you back or run away and when they put the hand out for the money you must provide.

The spirit is clearly a hit with the ladies, though, on assembly. Part of the spirit needs is your fellow spirits equally bizarre-looking competence. These are much scarier, because the carries stick and literally chase the crowd with the threat of death and much harder to avoid when the six of them the fun ends for animal became and two of the spirits decide that they’re, not happy with Our presidency, even though we’ve, paid off the voodoo chief to be able to film it’s disappointing nobody, not even the voodoo King can challenge the spirits that first ceremony took place in wieder widely considered the capital of the world, But almost all of Benning believes in voodoo culture, and every village has its own through duty, for our second ceremony would go through a rural village in the north of Beni can ask the spirits to protect a friend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

A chicken is sacrificed and his blood is mixed with alcohol. He then uses the mirror on this diocese to connect with the spirits and help protect our friend. Would you give it all to me again, Oh hold on of me holy when they get better and protector? Well, you know you know better, you know what cleanup you owe me got me boyo, but give me now.

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The wobbu diet is covered in this offering of chicken blood and while it’s difficult to believe any scientific logic traveling in beneath and really immerses you in foodie culture ceremonies like the ones you’ve, just seen.

We’re happening everyday everywhere, so if you want a real dose at the old adulterate additional head to this little gem in West Africa,