How To Identify Fake Travel Agents In Lagos Nigeria2 min read


Lagos is a bustling city in Nigeria. It is a city that has seen some of the most well-known and influential people in Africa. However, it also has been known to be the place where fake travel agents abound. These fake agents take advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge and try to scam them out of their money.

If you are planning to travel to Lagos, you should be wary of fake travel agents who will take your money without giving you the services that you are promised. Here are some tips on how to identify these fake agents and avoid getting scammed by them.

Fake travel agents in Lagos are always on the lookout to scam unsuspecting tourists by charging them higher prices for the same services. They often have unlicensed and poorly maintained vehicles, which can be dangerous for travelers.

My advice is never give your money upfront or let them take your passport before doing any work for you. Try as much as you can to inspect their garage to see the vehicles they claim they have as well as the condition of the vehicles.

Secondly, the best way to identify fake travel agents in Lagos is by asking them if they have any licenses or certificates that show they have been trained in the industry. Another way is by asking them if they can provide references from previous clients. You may also want to check the agent’s original business licenses permits. If the license has expired, then it is obvious such an agent is not authentic.

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Thirdly, take a look at their identity card. If you see that they are not valid, then they are most likely not a legitimate travel agent. They might have just bought the card online and then use it to scam unsuspecting travelers out of their money.

Lastly, check if they have a physical office and not just an email address and also look for reviews online.


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