Discovery of Handles for Tools and Spear Throwing1 min read


35,000 BC
Attaching a wooden handle to a blade may not sound like a breakthrough, but it was. People could not hit things very hard with a tool held in their hands because it hurt. Nor could they swing the tool very quickly because their arms were too short. A handle, or haft, helped them to overcome both these limitations, protecting their arms from impact and increasing the length of their swing. Hand axes could be used to clear away bushes, but axes with hafts could be used to chop down trees.

Spear thrower 35,000 BC
By creeping along quietly, early hunters could often get close enough to an animal to throw a spear at it and kill it. But sometimes the animal would run away. What the hunters needed was a way of throwing spears from further off. The spear-thrower was a piece of wood or antler with a notch at one end to hold the spear. It enabled hunters to hurl their weapons further and increased their chances of killing their prey.

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