Discover the Most Developed Countries in West Africa1 min read

Most Developed Countries in West Africa


Are you from the west African region of Africa? I got this video from Youtube profiling the top 10 Most Developed Countries in WEST Africa. In my personal opinion, i do not think Cape Verde deserves to be the number one. I mean what happen to Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal? I have been to Cape Verde severally and i don’t think they deserve to be at the top of the most developed countries in West Africa. Although Cape Verde is quite huge in terms of Infrastructure but common they are not the most developed in this region. Nigeria is a power house in West Africa however, i agreed they are not that developed infra structurally. Ghana is a beautiful country with the capital ACCRA having lots of high rise buildings. I think this video has to be remove or redone. By the way what indices and criteria did they use in determining the development index?

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