Diplomat’s Corner: Who Was William Eteki Mboumoua?1 min read


William Eteki was a renowned diplomat from Cameroon. He was probably one of the longest serving political figures in the history of Cameroonian politics. Born in 1933 in Douala, William served as a minister from 1961 up till 1968 and as education minister from 84 to 87. He also held the portfolio of a foreign affairs minister. His passion for humanitarian service saw him taking over the leadership of the Red Cross activities in Cameroon.
William got his education in France and then went ahead to become a principal officer in both Sanaga -Maritime and Nkam, two department in Cameroon Littoral Province  His sterling leadership qualities led to his appointment as a minister of national education in 1961.
Eteki served as a Board Member of UNESCO from the year 1962 to 1968 and later became the Vice President in 1967, he further went on to become UNESCO General Conference President, a position he held from 1968-1970.

Life as a Diplomat:
William Eteki Mboumoua became the special adviser to the then President of Cameroon Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1971 and held the position till 1973. At the Organization of African Unity’s meeting in Mogadishu in 1974, William was appointed as the 5thSecretary General of the OAU, after the resignation of the incumbent Secretary General Ekangaki Nzo. William Eteki held the position until 1978 after which he handed over the mantle of leadership of the OAU to Edem Kodjo, the then Togo’s foreign minister.

Humanitarian Work:

After quitting politics, William Eteki proceeded to become Cameroonian Red Cross President. In the Bertoua event of the 2007, Eteki was one of the popular figures who drew the attention of the world to the harsh effects of illegal migration and its dire consequences in weakening the human resource of African nations. 

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