Diplomat’s Corner: Who is Salim Ahmed Salim?1 min read

Salim Ahmed Salim was an international diplomat from Tanzania. Most people don’t know that Salim was born to an Omani father and a Tanzanian mother. During early childhood, Salim got his education in Zanzibar from the prestigious Lumumba College. However, after college, he went to India to continue his undergraduate studies at the University of India. He proceeded to the Columbia University in the USA to obtain an advance degree in International Affairs. On returning home, Salim in 1960 was heavily involved in student activism and later founded the All Zanzibar Student Union.

Salim Ahmed Salim held several national and diplomatic positions. He was Tanzania’s prime minister from 1984-85 and also the deputy prime minister from 1986-87. He was an ambassador to several foreign missions some which included Ambassador to the Republic of Egypt, India, China, Cuba, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and the Barbados.

The height of his diplomatic career came in 1989 when he became the OAU 7thSecretary General from 1989 to 2001. Salim Ahmed had previously served as the president of the United Nations Security Council in 1976.

The 75 years old Tanzanian diplomat has also served as the chair of the selection committee for the Mo Ibrahim Award of leadership excellence in Africa. Salim succeeded Amara Essy as the Organization of African Unity Chairperson in 1989 and was succeeded by Ide Oumarou after leaving the position in 2001.  Salim Ahmed is married to his beautiful wife Amne and they have three children Ahmed, Maryam and Ali. 

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