Confederation of African Football Weak Selection Criteria for African Player of The Year.2 min read


The Confederation of African Football have repeatedly emphasized that they have some set of criteria employed in  the selection of the African Player of the Year but I am yet to be convinced if this criteria truly reflect the choice of the millions of African football lovers. Even the Football player themselves have wondered what selection criteria is employed in making this unpopular choice. The BBC African Footballer of the Year award you will agree with me has far more credibility in terms of transparency and openness to how the BBC African Footballer of the year is selected.

The BBC for example has a unique way of monitoring the performance of the thousands of African professional footballers playing within and outside the continent. They even have scouts that monitor African players across the various football sports league in different part of the world. The BBC sport committee applies factors ranging from skills of the players to the overall performance of the best African soccer players in their contribution to both their clubs and national team.

Millions of passionate loving Soccer enthusiasts across the continent are still waiting for the Confederation of African Football popular known as CAF to publish the sets of criteria they use each year in the selection of their choice player for the highly reverend individual football award in Africa. The same goes for the selection and host right given some African countries to host Africa Cup of Nations.

Politics seems to have overshadowed the essence of these awards. Millions of dollars changing hand for the wrong judgment to be instituted. Over 80 Percentage of Africans who stays glued to their TV sets to watch the various soccer sport leagues in the world have expressed dissatisfaction on the overall criteria CAF have used over the years to dish out the awards for the African footballer of the year.

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African football power houses like Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt who have produced players that have won this CAF controversial award have been asked to be on the forefront of reviving the true essence of football in Africa. Soccer is not like American football played only in the United States that lacks huge fanship. Football in Africa is like one religion hence this beautiful game should not be killed by the black man’s stupid politics. It’s high time the Confederation of African Football imitates what their counterpart the BBC is doing to get it right.  We are not only tired at the corruption eating CAF up, but scared that the game of soccer in Africa is been killed by few selfish old people.