Black Panther Pirated Copies The Movie Theater To Be Blamed.2 min read


The movie Black Panther was lunched and premiered in Los Angeles in January 29, 2018 by the AMC Theatres and since then the Cinemas and movie theater have been locked down.
Owned by Marvel, The Black Panther Movie has so far set a world breaking record of the highest watch movie on the surface of the earth with millions of people across the world lining up at various local movie theaters to watch the movie. This classic marvel movie starring actors like Michael B. Jordan a.k.a Erik Killmonger, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Forest Whitaker has deep diversity hence making it acceptable across the globe.
It’s been like 4 months since the release of the movie and I am still yet to get a ticket to watch it. The Black Panther after hitting the box office since 4 months back has made an estimate of about 1.185 Billion USD. The marketability of this movie has come with its own negative side. Fake copies of the Movies dubbed from the movie theater have flooded the movie shops in West African Market from Nigeria to Gambia.

The cinemas and movie theaters are obviously to be blame for this piracy. The fact people are anxious and eager to see the movie has prompted some unscrupulous elements to venture big time into pirating this movies and selling them at cheap price to make quick cash.
Weather there are piracy laws in place in these countries is certainly what I don’t know, however, If there are, I think it’s high time those policies are activated strongly to prevent the mass piracy of this film. One of the legacies that will be left in the film industries worldwide to come is the movie “Black Panther” hence I feel strongly indebted that this film should be preserved with utmost authenticity like the Black Panther Party.

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