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Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. It has a lot to offer and a lot to learn about. Lagos has been referred to as Africa’s most diverse city which makes it a must see destination for those who want an African adventure. In fact, there are so many amazing things you can do in Lagos that you will definitely need some accommodation when you arrive. However, you may be wary about the security situation of the country and even though Lagos is relatively safe to stay, the question that you probably may be seeking answer to is where is the best place to stay in Lagos? Well, the question may sound simple, but the answer is not.

To adequately answer this question, it’s best to ask someone with travelling experience within Lagos. The sheer size of the city, makes it quite difficult to make a generalization about exactly what neighborhood is best to stay in Lagos. However, as a traveler myself, I did a little research about the best places to stay in Lagos and came up with the following findings.

There’s the Victoria Island, which is an up market and exclusive neighborhood with a lot of accommodations. It is close to several business district in Lagos and offers a lot of great restaurants and entertainment options. The island is distinctively connected to the mainland by the third mainland bridge, the longest bridge in Nigeria.

There are a lot of options in Victoria Island with different areas to stay. It’s important that you find out which area suits your needs best, whether that means staying in a five star hotel or in a cheap guest house that fits your needs and budget.

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Although you won’t be able to see much of the Lagos area from the island, however, it still offers you with opportunity of going to the beaches and many historical sites. It’s also a great location for business. VI as popularly called is an interesting area that is popular with foreigners because of the availability of 24 hours electricity, clean roads, luxury hotels, beaches as well as the area been very safe to dine out at the oddest time of the night.

Historical Facts About Victoria Island, Lagos
The Victoria Island, also called VI, is located in Lagos. It is the most posh and expensive region of the city. Victoria Island houses several upscale hotels and residential buildings that are home to a number of wealthy Nigerians as well as foreigners.

The history of Victoria Island dates back to 1948, a major part of the island was under the control of the Oniru family. The colony was upgraded to a town council called Victoria Island Town. With the independence of Nigeria in 1960, Victoria Island became a town. In 1962, it was upgraded to Municipal council and in 1970 it became the site of the Lagos State Civil Service Commission which made it an administrative center. Before filling the swap to the eastern part, the island originally was surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, lagoon and the cowrie creek.