How To Get The Access Code For African Union Youth Volunteer Corps Application2 min read


A lot of Applicants for the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps have been reaching out on a daily basis requesting on how to get the access code for the online registration for the AUYVC program. In this post, I will try as much as possible to provide the much-needed clarification on what the access code signifies and when and how to get it.

What is Access Code?

Access code is a mix of numbers and alphabets the AUC Human Resource Department will send to your email during the application process for the AUYVC Program. Note that this code can only be provided during the call for application for this program. After the deadline for the call for application, access codes will no longer be accessible until the next call for application.

What Does This Mean?

This simply means that if you are trying to apply for the program after the deadline or any other period, you will not be provided with any code, hence it is advisable to keep checking on the AUYVC application portal for the next call for application so that you don’t miss the deadline.

How Do I Apply for the AUYVC Program?

Once the call for the application for the next batch of the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps is on, I kindly advise you to watch the short video below to learn how you can get your access code without any hassle.


Usually, the application link is advertised on the career section of the African Union website found at

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I Hope this information was useful, if you need further clarification on how the access code can be retrieved kindly drop your contact email and number at the comment section of this post below.